The adrenaline of proximity

A new way to discover the world

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    Learn what’s going on around you

    Gabstr allows you to interact with groups of people nearby who share the same interests. Going to a concert? New in town? What’s hot right now? It’s all here. Stay a step ahead, explore and experience everything live and real time as never seen before.

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    The talk of the town

    No matter what town. Whether traveling, at home, or at work, get the conversation started with Gabstr. Create groups based on your interests, or simply join the conversation to see what’s buzzing.

Access Gabstr anywhere! Download the mobile app and never miss a thing. From festivals to new restaurants. From large sporting events to friendly gatherings. Get it all on your device - as it happens.

Everything you want to know and gab about, instantly!


It’s easy to get started

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    Where the real conversation happens! Join or start a group to discuss a place or an interest inside your Hub. Talk plans, form a club, meet your neighbor. Everyone's invited!

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    Post questions and let the locals help you. Answer questions and share your knowledge. These contributions will be visible to your Hub even when you are offline.

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    Gift of Gab

    Earn points as you use and explore Gabstr. GoG points will stand behind your reputation as a trustworthy, helping user. More gabbing means more points, so let’s get started.

The Hub

Your immediate surroundings just got more interesting

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Introducing a new way to see the world. Each Gabstr Hub is an area with its own experience - unique groups of people, events, places and more! Everywhere you go, there will be Hubs to explore.

Start gabbing